Become a Friend of the Byway

The Friends of the Florida Black Bear Scenic Byway (FBBSB) is a community-based group formed to promote awareness and appreciation of the Florida Black Bear (National) Scenic Byway and to take and inspire action to restore, preserve, and protect the byway as a natural and community resource.

The primary function of the FBBSB is to provide community based action and advocacy in conformance with its mission. Participation in this organization is open to all members of the public, including residents of the byway, teachers, students, government employees, and members of the community at large who are interested in protecting and improving the FBBSB, its surrounding lands, communities, natural resources, parks and open spaces affiliated with the byway.

Tax-deductible membership fees are used to preserve our byway’s natural environment and quality of life. Help preserve the byway, maintain the natural and historical heritage,  and support a variety of local nonprofit and education causes. Various levels of tax-deductible Friends memberships and sponsorships are available.

Friends Charter Membership Levels

  • Gopher – $10
  • Sand Skink – $25
  • Bobcat – $50
  • White Tail Deer – $75
  • Florida Panther – $100
  • Scrub Jay – $250
  • Manatee – $500
  • Bald Eagle – $2500
  • Black Bear – $5000

Friends enjoy these benefits:

  • Receive membership acknowledgement
  • You will be listed as a Friend of the Byway on the website and the annual meeting
  • Membership fees are tax-deductible as permitted by law

Sponsors enjoy all the member benefits and these additional benefits (based on sponsorship level):

  • Website – business card ad link
  • Quarterly newsletter 1/4 page ad size
  • Logo on membership board at all public meetings
  • Member plaque

Click here to print the donation form if you are paying with a check.

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