Planning Documents

Byway Planning Documents

The following Mission Statement was adopted by the Florida Black Bear Scenic Byway CME at the meeting of September 11, 2008:

Our mission is to enhance, encourage and promote the preservation and protection of the outstanding natural, ecological, cultural and historical resources of the Florida Black Bear Scenic Byway for its residents, inhabitants, visitors and future generations.

Our Vision for the Florida Black Bear Scenic Byway:

Visitors travel along SR 40 to access world-class resource-based recreational adventures and outdoor learning experiences in a vibrant, scenic landscape of natural pinelands and wetlands. The corridor between Ormond Beach and Silver Springs serves as the backbone for a network of scenic roads and interpretive trails that foster an understanding and appreciation of the Greater Ocala Ecoregion and its inhabitants. Visitors traverse a cross-section of landscapes as the corridor takes them over picturesque rivers, beside pristine springs, marshes, and swamps, and through sandhills, scrub, flatwoods, and hammock forests.

Plans for managing the corridor are developed by the Corridor Management Entity (CME), a group of interested individuals and representatives of organizations along the Byway who meet monthly to guide planning for the Florida Black Bear Scenic Byway.  Documents related to certification of the byway and planning, including the full Corridor Management Plan (CMP) and Goals, may be downloaded from the links on this page.

Interested in participating in the planning process? Have a great idea to showcase the beauty of North Central Florida along the Florida Black Bear Scenic Byway? Come to our meetings! Public input is welcome and encouraged.

Master Plan Study

Corridor Management Plan

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