West Side Three-Day Tour

West Side Three-Day Tour

This tour is great if you’re heading onto the byway from the western corridor. This tour will not keep you from seeing a good portion of the byway so don’t feel like you’re going to be confined to only the west side of the byway.

Day 1


  • Morning Pontoon Boat Ride on the Ocklawaha River (recommendations: Captain Erika in Eureka, FL).
  • Lunch in Forest Corners on SR 40 (recommendations: Marie’s Restaurant or Jan and Al’s River Cafe).
  • Afternoon: Visit Barberville Pioneer Settlement for the Creative Arts (east SR 40) in Barberville
  • End of the day: Visit Juniper Springs (SR 40) take a leisurely stroll on the Fern Hammock Trail.

Links: Captain Erika’s Boat Tours, River Cafe, Barberville Pioneer Arts Settlement, Juniper Springs & Fern Hammock Springs


Day 2


  • Be on the Yearling Trail by 8:00am to see some wildlife.
  • Have lunch in Silver Springs (Jan & Al’s or Marie’s) and grab a Whoopie Pie at Sweet Jane’s Candy Shop.
  • Visit Silver Springs Nature Park for the afternoon to see gators, birds and the glass bottom boats.
  • Or take the kids to Wild Waters water park at Silver Springs

Links: The Yearling Trail, Silver Springs Nature Park, Wild Waters – Water Park


Day 3


  • Pack a picnic basket or cooler and head up US 17 north of SR 40 to Welaka.
  • Take the Fort Gates Ferry from the Welaka side across Little Lake George.
  • Then take the dirt road out to Salt Springs on SR 19.
  • Head south on SR 19 to Salt Springs Observation Trail for a short hike to the deck overlooking Salt Spring Run.
  • Head north to the Cross Florida Greenway/Rodman Recreation Area and have your cookout/picnic lunch there.
  • If you didn’t pack a lunch, head to north into Palatka to one of the downtown eateries…
  • Or check out the Backwoods Smokehouse on CR 310.
  • Head South on SR 19 to either Salt Springs or a little farther south to Silver Glen Springs

Links: Fort Gates Ferry, Salt Springs Observation Trail, Rodman Recreation Area, Downtown Palatka Dining,Backwoods Smokehouse, Salt Springs, Silver Glen Springs