Silver Glen Springs

Silver Glen Springs

Silver Glen Springs are first magnitude springs with a discharge that averages 113 cubic feet per second. The springs supply Silver Glen Run, a 200 foot wide run that travels approximately a half mile before emptying into Lake George. It was in these tranquil green-blue waters that Jody made his flutter-mill in Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings’ Pulizer prize-winning novel,  The Yearling. Nicknamed the “Natural Well”, this spring hosts swirling schools of mullet and striped bass, blue crab and sting rays, seagoing fish that have taken up permanent residence in this warm, brackish outflow that merges with the St. Johns River, a “river of lakes” meandering through the region.

Walk along the edge of the main springs and follow the nature trail back to see a series of small bubbling springs in a shady cove. Silver Glen Springs Recreation Area is located in the Ocala National Forest along SR 19 north of the intersection with SR 40.


Silver Glen Springs Recreation Area