Featured Waterways

Featured Waterways Along the Byway

Four major natural springs of crystal clear water are located in the popular Juniper Springs, Salt Springs, Alexander Springs and Silver Glen Springs Recreation Areas.

The Forest hosts a variety of major recreation, scenic and historic areas.  The recreation activities are as diverse as the environment, from canoeing in wilderness waterways, swimming in crystal clear constant 72º springs, year-round camping, picnicking, fishing, birding, hiking, bicycling, horseback riding and four-wheeling.

Springs are Florida’s lifeblood, pouring fresh water out into the landscape drawn from deep within the Floridan aquifer. There are 3 first-magnitude and 4 second-magnitude springs along the Florida Black Bear Scenic Byway corridor, including one of the world’s largest springs, Silver Springs.

The Meinzer Scale classifies springs on a scale of one to eight, based on the flow, or discharge, of water from a spring. Magnitude one springs, which are on the top of the scale, produce a discharge of more than 100 cubic feet of water per second. Magnitude two springs discharge at a rate between 10 and 100 cubic feet of water per second. Spring discharge for each of the springs listed is provided by the St. Johns River Water Management District.

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