Adventurous Travel Guide

For Those Who Like to Rough It

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There are plenty of places along the byway to Canoe or Kayak. In addition to two major rivers – the Ocklawaha and St. Johns – there are spring runs flowing out of every major spring, and lakes to be paddled as well. Here are some great spots to check out.

  • Alexander Springs Run – 5 miles, 3 hours, casual
  • Juniper Creek Run – 7 mile run; 4 hours; strenuous
  • Salt Springs
  • Silver River State Park

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Horseback Riding/Equestrian Trails


Enjoy nature on horseback along a number of equestrian trails on the byway. Bring your own horse or contact a provider for a guided trail ride for groups or individuals.

  • Caravelle Ranch WMA
  • Dexter Mary Farms Unit, Lake George State Forest
  • Heart Island Conservation Area
  • Rima Ridge Unit, Tiger Bay State Forest
  • Silver River Equestrian Trail

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With plenty of camping and hiking destinations plus segments of the statewide Florida Trail awaiting exploration, the byway is a major draw for day hikers, backpackers, and campers looking to spend some time in the woods.

  • Florida Trail
  • Juniper Springs Nature Trail – Juniper Springs Campgrounds
  • The Timucuan Trail – Alexander Springs Campgrounds
  • Bear Swamp Trail – Salt Springs Campgrounds
  • Lake George Trail & Spring Boils Trail – Silver Glen Springs Campgrounds
  • The Yearling Trail

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OHV (Off-Highway Vehicle) Trail Riding


The byway offers a variety of riding opportunities for Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) enthusiasts. Trails are designed for slow speeds for riders to view and appreciate scenery and wildlife as well as to highlight the importance of conservation, forest management, and history. All riders 16 and under must take and pass an online course in OHV safety before using the trails in the National Forests in Florida.

  • Lake Delancy West – Delancy Loops
  • The Ocala Adventure Trail aka Centennial OHV Trail, SR 40 (Central)
  • Salt Springs OHV Connector Trail
  • Wandering Wiregrass OHV Trail, CR 445A (south)
  • Rodman Trailhead for OHV

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Fishing is a big sport on the Byway with innumerable locations for fishermen, from easy access places like Wildcat Lake (at SR 40 and SR 19) to the more adventurous circuit of streams accessed at Johnson Field Boat Ramp (north on SR 19). Here is a list of some of the great fishing spots:

  • Lake Bryant
  • Wildcat Lake
  • Lake George
  • Lake Kerr
  • St Johns River
  • Oklawaha River

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The byway runs through the Ocala National Forest which is a wildlife management area. Hunting and fishing activities are managed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). Hunting seasons include small game and general gun (deer season). Some species, such as squirrel and raccoon, may be hunted all year long. A valid Florida hunting license is required to hunt in the Ocala National Forest. Hunters must follow all regulations outlined by the FWC. Use of hunt camps is limited to hunting season. Hunters must obtain a special permit required for hunt camp use.

  • Caravelle Ranch WMA
  • Lake George WMA
  • Lake George – Dexter/Mary Farms Unit
  • Tiger Bay WMA
  • Tiger Bay – Rima Ridge
  • Farles Lake Hunt Camp
  • Ocala Shooting Range

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