Public Notice

The Florida Black Bear Scenic Byway will host a Subcommittee Workshop this Thursday at the Pioneer Settlement for the Arts in Barberville.  The Workshop will be held from 10am-noon.  Items for discussion will include The Corridor Masterplan, website, February 25th “Meet Us On The Byway” event volunteer positions and the FDOT Scenic Byway Accreditation program.

We look forward to your participation at this workshop.





Pioneer Settlement for the Arts

1776 Lightfoot Lane

Barberville, Florida

Thursday, February 16, 2012 @ 10:00 a.m. to 12:00pm

1) Chairman’s Report Mike Woods

2) D5 Accreditation Status Report and Task Assignments Update

a. Board Manual – Cathy Connelly

b. Budget – Tony Erlich

c. Bylaws – Mike Woods- complete/ready for March CME meeting

d. Community Participation Plan – Jim Thorsen

e. Diversified Revenue Source 1 – Monso Tatum

f. Mission Statement – complete/ready to submit

g. Work Plan – Mike Woods

3) MasterPlan, Website and Event Update – Phil Davis, Stephanie Liskey, Megan Hunter

4) CME Subcommittee Meeting Breakout Sessions

5) Adjourn


This CME Workshop will not have any actions items only CME and Subcommittee discussion items.


All CME meetings and activities shall be open to the public in keeping with Florida’s Sunshine Law. Individuals who are not representatives of CME Member entities will be free to ask questions and share in discussion at CME meetings, at the discretion of the Chairman or other presiding Officer, but are not eligible to vote on issues under consideration by the CME. Please note that individual commissioners, elected or appointed officials from CME member governments may attend these meeting. This is not an official meeting of CME member government’s or any other municipality. This notice is being provided to meet the spirit of Florida Sunshine Law to inform the public that commissioners, elected or appointed officials may be present at these discussions.