Florida black bears are always searching for resources such as food, mates and often cross busy roads such as SR 40 the back bone of the byway. Florida Black Bear National Scenic Byway on the forefront of improving road safety and reconnecting habitat and the community.

The making of 2 wildlife crossings in Deland become a reality with the help from citizens, State and Federal Agencies, a story well told by engineers, biologists, and everyone beaming with pride at their work. It is a reminder that despite disappointing headlines, people on the ground are still hard at work protecting public lands and the wildlife that depend on human nature.

Just another way Florida Black Bear National Scenic Byway is connecting local habitat with the community, providing safer highways for people and providing connectivity for wildlife.


Florida Black Bear Scenic Byway has been a part of the Wildlife festival for years promoting the byway with a bus tour that takes you back in time to reflect on the history of the byway and the Ocala National Forest, the backbone of this amazing byway. The first stop Wildcat lake and Charlie a District Ranger in 1908 gives a detailed description of what the forest looked like when he first step onto the Ocala National Forest.

Our second stop promotes Juniper Springs and the importance of our Florida Springs, cultural resources and how the Civilian Conservation Corps developed the spring as a great recreation area for the general public.

Another way to connect the community with nature